How to Restructure Your IT Team Successfully: 3 Tips

When IT acts pivotal to your business, it is logical to prioritize processes. PrimeLending was going digital and the project management office had to authorize and regulate processes. This created much confusion. Tim Elkins, senior vice president and CIO of the home mortgage company, pitched restructuring IT team to the CEO and management. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Elkins narrates how restructuring the team helped his company in the long run.

Steps to Derive Benefits from IT Team

You often find developers and testers at loggerheads with each other. The formation of “us versus them” mentality becomes very apparent even though they belong to the same department. Elkins dismantled team structure based on job roles and proposed making cross-functional teams. The team members still reported to their previous managers and sought help, when needed. The managers were responsible for coordination between the product team and siloed teams. While some employees liked the exposure to new projects and working with other departments, some did not. Managers found juggling between two teams problematic and team members found it challenging to take ownership. However, things became better after six months. Elkins shares some lessons he learned during this transformation.

  1. Support: It is necessary that majority of the stakeholders stand by your decisions. You should set up proper communication channels to clear their doubts and fears whenever possible.
  2. Two Mindsets: People fall into two groups wherein one group likes variations in job functions while the other likes being with a team that works almost independently like a company with its cross-functional members.
  3. Importance: Though you might be excited about a single product, you should always include achievements from other teams in meetings. This stops anyone from feeling undervalued.

PrimeLending was able to design a customer-centric website and build a mobile application that allowed customers to apply for loans. This was possible because the department was restructured more strategically.

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