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How RPA Is Accelerating Business Excellence

Robotic process automation (RPA) is freeing up workforce by automating mundane tasks like sending out automatic mail confirmation emails. As per Gartner, 40 percent of big organizations will adopt automation by 2020. Machine learning and AI can also automate processes. The differentiating factor of the technology in question is that it has a set of rules which it sticks to. In this article at CIO, Client Boulton talks about how the technology is accelerating businesses to excellence.

RPA Driving Excellence

Jeff Donaldson, a former GameStop CIO, says almost all processes can be automated. You just have to identify the right tool and the right processes. Gartner reveals that IT spending in RPA implementation will reach $1 billion by 2020 if it follows the same growth trajectory of 41 percent from 2015 through 2020. AT&T, Ernst & Young, Walgreens, and Deutsche Bank are in favor of the cost-cutting technology. The Hackett Group states that the technology can reduce transactional cost by 50 to 70 percent. This will help companies to utilize workforce for more cognitive tasks.

Automating Travel and Retail Experience

Other than IT, the travel industry too is trying out this emerging technology. David Thompson, CIO of American Express Global Business Travel, established a five-member team. The engineers are supposed to find processes in his company that could be optimized through RPA. Activities like flight ticket cancellations and refund issuance can be automated. Even automation of rebooks due to cancelled flights and expense management is possible. However, the technology can face resistance. Thompson assured 12,500 travel agents that they still added value to the company by reallocating them to customer-centric profiles. While companies prefer to free staff up rather than letting them go, bots are making it big at Walmart. Clay Johnson, CIO of the retail giant, has installed 500 bots that could address customer questions as well as collect relevant information from audit files.

RPA Implementation in Human-Centric Jobs

Satya Ramaswamy, executive VP of Mindtree, also views automation as a way to allow employees to focus on more high-level work. His company has deployed 300 bots to use them for IT infrastructure management, HR data entry, and financial processes. With the help of Automation Anywhere and in-house algorithm, Mindtree can detect repetition of tickets that IT help desk address. In the HR department, the company has deployed Microsoft’s Bot Framework software. The technology will help them automate HR transaction management that was done by humans before. Ramaswamy notes that RPA provides you data for digital performance. However, you must proactively keep a watch on human resources to analyze performance. So, the technology does have an edge over humans in certain areas.

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