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7 Ways to Be Super-Productive

Productivity defines your working style and how much ownership you can take. Thus, organizations broadly classify their workforce into three categories – under-productive, productive and super-productive. Most professionals seem happy and content executing the work assigned to them. However, some of them are super active and quick when it comes to delivering assignments and taking an extra load without stressing themselves. In this article at Harvard Business Review, Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman share some traits of super-productive people that help them overachieve their goals.

The Secret Key

Zenger talks about running a survey of 7,000 people who were rated by their managers along with 11 different stakeholders based on their productivity and 48 specific behaviors. Then, they identified the behaviors linked with high productivity levels and performed a factor analysis. Here are the some of the major super-productive traits identified through this analysis:

Stretch Goals:

Highly productive professionals think beyond their own limits. They set extended goals and take up challenging assignments with stringent deadlines. This way they are likely to pick up more speed while enjoying the challenge of finishing the task on time.


Super-productive people are always known to be consistent and reliable as well. Their productive matrix is always steady and never goes through major ups and downs. They prefer not to procrastinate things and rather act immediately on priority items.

Technical Acumen:

Lack of knowledge and technical expertise can be counter-productive. Super-productive people are always keen on expanding their skill sets and technical acumen to grab new innovative opportunities coming their way.

Drive for Results:

Skilled professionals are always thrilled with the idea of completing tasks sooner than expected. They challenge themselves to be more competitive at every step and set new performance records.


High productivity levels always leave the room for innovative thinking. People can use their experience to anticipate hurdles and initiate a problem-solving strategy in advance.


Super-productive people are self-starters. They are always prepared to take up new initiatives or get something started from scratch.


The most productive people always tend to collaborate better. They believe in getting the support required to achieve their goals at the earliest. Hence, they network well with others in the team or department to ensure a smooth workflow.

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