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7 Signs You Need a New PPM Software

Software has made life easier for you, even more when it comes to project portfolio management (PPM). However, the downside of applications is they become obsolete after a while. You start looking out for a PPM software in the market that comes with advanced features. In this article at Meisterplan, Thomas Quandt shares with you the 7 signs that tell that you need a new PPM software.

When Do You Need a PPM Software?

It is hard to change a corporate software that you got so used to working on. However, you cannot hang on to the same software for years. How do you know when you cannot use the PPM software anymore? The following are the signs.

  1. Longer Training Sessions: If employees are taking too long to get accustomed to the software, it is possibly the time for you to say goodbye. Nowadays, a PPM software is more intuitive and time-saving.
  2. No Centralized Processes: You use different PPM tools to manage resources, schedule work, planning budget, etc. Moreover, your IT team works hard to maintain a seamless coordination between the tools.
  3. Not Keeping Pace with the Company Growth: The software cannot handle the extra data you are inserting into it on a regular basis. In short, it cannot keep pace with your company growth.
  4. Inability to Set Up Access Controls: You are uploading a schedule on the PPM software for everyone’s benefit. However, you cannot stop anyone from accidentally deleting information. You cannot give access to specific users even.
  5. Meetings to Discuss Daily Tasks: Ideally, anyone that has access to the software must be able to see the assigned tasks. However, if you are updating the team about their day-to-day tasks in meetings, you should look for a better software.
  6. No Aid in Analyzing Data: The software can store a lot of data. However, storage is not its primary task. It should be able to analyze the data you have inserted and help in your decision-making.
  7. No Bird’s Eye View: You are forced to upload a plan in the software in advance for strategic moves you might be taking later. Moreover, it does not take an agile approach towards task prioritization.

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