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5 Security Mistakes Done by IT Employees

Cybersecurity is a point of major concern for most IT companies these days. Every company spends millions of dollars to upgrade their security systems and lead a peaceful life. However, as a surprising fact, the majority of cyber incidents happen due to the negligence of the company employees. In this article at TechRepublic, Tom Merritt lists out the five major cyber blunders that employees commit.

The Surprising Facts

A 2017 survey by Kaspersky Lab suggests that about 46% of IT security incidents happen due to the mistakes of IT employees. Here are some of the major human security loopholes:

Security Policy:

Most employees are unaware of the terms and conditions listed in the company policies. Hence, they are less likely to follow it.

External Links:

Even after knowing the security policies, many employees fall prey to the malicious links. The moment they click on such links, an external malware takes control of their systems or network.

Malicious Attachments:

Employees should be cautious about accessing emails and attachments from unknown sources. Likewise, it is important to not to send any confidential attachment or mail to a less secure account.

Software Installation:

Educate the employees on why they should not install external software without knowing its credibility or reliability.

Password Sharing

It is always mandatory to maintain your unique official passwords and never share them with subordinates.

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