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4 Amazing Ways Leaders Can Appreciate Employees

Leaders should treat employees with utmost care, as their effort allows visions to become reality. A returned smile too can boost morale. To realize benefits, you must make more efforts, though. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Robert Pischke shares 4 amazing ways you can win hearts of the employees.

4 Ways to Appreciate Employees

To boost employee morale and productivity, you must ramp up the office space. To help employees get up to speed with modern technologies or new methodologies, pour some portion of your budget in training them. The other portion of your efforts should go into making them feel appreciated by the following ways.

  1. Small Tokens of Appreciation: Some employees go out of their way to help coworkers, even if that is not part of their job description. If you see employees are making things easier for others in the team or the company, usher them with a gift voucher as a token of appreciation for their selfless efforts.
  2. Wishing Employees on Occasions: A bouquet or a team-sponsored cake on birthdays allow employees to share an occasional light moment. They might even share with you some issues that have been troubling them since long. These occasions are a great way to increase team morale and know about the overall team health.
  3. Being Casual: Employees are investing 40 percent of their waking hours at the workplace. They are prioritizing your work over family events, NFL games, live championship games, etc. To make them feel more at home, introduce days when they can wear casuals to the office. Get them to flaunt their favorite players’ jersey number when a match is going on.
  4. Creating a Tradition: You want employees to be at their formal best when they arrive at work. However, they come from diverse cultures with various curious traditions. To make them feel like one, you must engage them in activities like a potluck on Thanksgiving Day. This, in turn, will become a tradition in the company that all of them can participate in.

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