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3 Ways Leaders Could Grow Even After Achieving Success

Leaders find it problematic to actuate meaning with work. Majority of the leaders expect something uniquely satisfying and valuable while embarking on their journey to success. However, they have a different story to tell after it is all over. In this article at strategy+business, Jesse Sostrin shares 3 ways in which leaders can grow even after achieving success.

3 Ways to Find Growth

Even after leading a major success, leaders cannot feel that sense of victory. If you burden your vision of success with unrealistic expectations, you might feel disappointed in the end. Another reason behind your feeling this way is the failure to live in the moment. For leaders that want to find meaning in their work, Sostrin has the following tips.

  1. Small Steps to Success: Leaders dream big, but it is also necessary that you have smaller aims in between. This allows you to notice the everyday achievements before reaching the primary aim.
  2. Setting Value Apart from Success: There are times when you do not accomplish something to derive value out of it. It is your habit of attaining success that provokes you to take up such ventures. If you are in such a project, do not associate any expectation with it.
  3. Find What You Treasure the Most: Though leading their company to success is what leaders aim for, they might have different personal goals to achieve. Find out what your inner self needs to achieve. Your leadership qualities and values are formed by the surroundings. However, take up only those qualities or activities that resonate the most with you. So, leaders have different perspectives on achieving success.

Though it is good to have bigger aims in life, you need to find smaller purposes to survive the journey in between. When you find meaning in these smaller steps, set apart personal goals, and find your own set of values, you are ready for the world.

To view the original article in full, visit the following link: https://www.strategy-business.com/blog/What-to-Do-When-Success-Leaves-You-Empty

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