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Should A CIO Brag About His Feat?

As the saying goes – “With great power, comes great responsibilities”. Likewise, the job of a CIO is a tough one. Right from decision-making, project selection to technology shifts, a CIO’s job portfolio is a mix of mission-critical functions that determine the success of his business ventures. But, should a CIO really brag about his endeavors and achievements? In this article at The Accidental Successful CIO, Dr. Jim Anderson shares the different aspects of bragging along with the pros-cons.

What Do You Achieve?

In the past, bragging was considered an impolite behavior. However, this perception has changed with time. Now, it is called ‘self-enhancement’ that can be a good thing to boost your own morale. Dr. Jim advises CIOs to be vigilant about the ‘how’ and ‘when’ factors. Showcase your competency at a time when you can justify your claims with evidence. If the timing is wrong, people might consider you to be arrogant and a less capable leader.

Is There A Hitch?

Just like everything else, bragging too has its set of demerits. Recent researches reveal some common perceptions about braggers, attributing them to characteristics like low self-worth, narcissism, immorality, less cooperative, etc. Thus, to avoid such tags, it is essential that plan a strategy beforehand and then manipulate the way people perceive you. For instance, if you have been requested to speak about yourself at a conference or seminar then some bragging is acceptable. However, when you are having group discussions, try to be modest and receptive towards other remarks.

The Key Message

As a CIO, you already know the importance of your position and tasks. But, if you keep reminding everyone of your importance, it is not going to work in your favor. Bragging is an art. Practice it at the right time in the right way. Ensure that you back up your accomplishments well. Choose your audience and platform strategically. This way you are more likely to get the recognition and praise that you deserve. To read the original article in full, visit the following link:

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