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How Project Manager Can Align Delivery with Strategy

The rage for project management and mature project handling took a sharp leap in the last two decades. The credit for this development goes to various project management institutes and associations across the globe.

Still, while handling a complex project, often project managers fail to address team responsibilities and deliver quality project within tight budget and time.

In this article at Strategy Execution, globally renowned project leadership coach, Susanne Madsen, brings forth the various aspects of project management that managers should be aware of and how to bridge the gap between delivery and strategy alongside.

In a Tight Spot

Now, as we are clear about the role of project managers, understanding a project sponsor’s responsibilities is equally crucial. The project sponsor is responsible for the project vision and to address the organizational barriers. This does not mean the project manager won’t play any concrete role in designing strategical aspect of the project.

Often, the project’s basis is not clear to the project sponsors and managers and it affects the project result.

Bridging the Gap

If aligned with the right strategy, projects have high potential to make any organization reach on top. Project managers need to take charge and clear the barriers between project strategy and delivery.

They need to play a major role in the process along with the sponsors. This is possible only if project sponsors or stakeholders can envision the project merits and outcomes for the organization. Here is what project managers can do:

  1. Make a list of project queries related to business strategy and requirements. Move out of your comfort zone and clear all the doubts pertaining to client’s requirements with the project to add value to your efforts.
  2. Gather more information than the people around you about the project to remain one notch up. Push your boundaries and understand how productive the project outcome would be for everyone. And, take charge of the project vision.
  3. A clear vision will help project managers to lead teams in the right direction. This will also help them in project planning, execution, and delivery while keeping the team motivated and strong. Managers also need to make daily decisions and build up a rapport with project sponsors to boost team’s productivity.
  4. Be an inspiration to your team and fit in the shoes of a change manager who aims to deliver high-value products or services. Being an influencer is far better than the ardent follower.

Project managers may become role models for many if they design their work smartly. The author suggests provides useful instances and tips to lead the game. You can read the full article by clicking on the link below:


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