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15 Smart Techniques to Motivate Project Team

The project managers are expected to bring the best performance out of their teams. While the teams are expected to meet the project goals within a restricted time frame and budget. Therefore, it is challenging for the project managers to fulfill all expectations.

In this article at Project Bliss, Leigh Espy talks about various ways to keep the teams motivated and associated with the organization for long.

Robust Motivational Tactics

The project managers should be smart enough to deal with different individual’s needs in the team. They must be ready to tackle any unforeseen circumstances. Here is how they can keep the teams happy with the right approach and strategies:

  1. Celebrate Milestones: Giving recognition to minor achievements will boost the team’s morale. So, celebrate major milestones in long-term projects.
  2. Offer Opportunities: Extend the chances for team’s professional development. Offer them lucrative opportunities like cross-training or shadowing peers to develop skills.
  3. Well-done Remark: Like MNCs, if the project managers praise the teams for meeting the challenging requirements of the client, it would prove motivational.
  4. Work Collaboration: Sharing workload or ideas will boost the team’s productivity.
  5. Team Interaction: Give personal attention to everyone, share their personal interests and give equal attention to each individual in the team.
  6. Show the Bigger Picture: Sharing the rewarding prospects for the best performing team will inspire the team to give their best shot. Make their job more meaningful by linking it with the future growth prospects.
  7. Extend Honesty: Be open to share ground reality with the team and let them reciprocate in the same manner.
  8. Respect Their Time: Value your team’s time and conduct quick meetings every day to discuss the project and team’s progress.
  9. Clear Approach: Describe the project objective and client’s requirement to the team clearly along with deadlines and other intricate details.
  10. No Over-time: Except in uncertain circumstances, never demand over-time from the teams and always give reasonable workload to each individual in the team.
  11. Extend Support: Offering extended support in terms of better resources, immediate action to the technical glitches, etc. will encourage the team to openly share their issues with the manager.
  12. Surprise Your Team: Extending a ‘well-done’ or ‘thank you’ note with a bouquet, or just an appreciation mail is enough to make the team happy.
  13. Ensure Involvement: Welcome your team’s opinion in project decisions and quality improvement matters. This will boost their confidence.
  14. Team Building: Organizing team building activities will equally boost productivity and teamwork.
  15. Monitor Progress: Track the project progress and keep sharing it with the team to keep them going with a positive approach.

The author suggests that instant recognitions, social perks, and along with a hint of control can play a major role in team motivation. Read full article by clicking the following link:


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