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10 Ways Leaders Can Reduce Employee Attrition

Senior leaders of an MNC shared their worries about employee attrition to Julie Winkle Giulioni, the co-founder and principal of DesignArounds, in her recent session. They informed that the current talent pool demands to get opportunities to scale up and receive satisfactory salaries and perks. Their expectations are more than what organizations worldwide are ready for. In this article at Business 2 Community, Giulioni suggests leaders how to come out of that situation.

Find Out the Actual Reasons for Attrition

Being a leader, you must follow industry protocols. However, if you think increasing the package, providing perks, and promoting your high-value employees will retain them, you are mistaken. Instead of blaming external factors, look within the company to find improvement areas. The term “sticky” according to Heath brothers denote vision and information that generate enthusiasm to convert into beneficial ROIs and create an impact over the world. Giulioni provides you ten ways to make employees stick to the company.

Provide a Learning Environment

Employees join a company to learn new things as they want to grow along with the company. Majority of employees do not care if they are in the same role as long as they find opportunities to scale up. Hold training sessions and encourage to venture into new areas to make them feel you value their personal growth as well.

Allow Employees to Bond

Humans are social animals and employees spend a better half of their day with colleagues. It is necessary that they find friends in their teammates, mentors in their managers, and well-wishers in the management. The more bonds they create, the harder it is for them to leave.

Set Clear Objectives

Be open about your vision and mission so that employees find it easy to align themselves as per your strategy.

Appreciate Them Always

Improve employee loyalty by appreciating their efforts. This will make them feel valued and encourage them to take on more responsibilities.

Show Them the Value

It is hard to go on working without direction and harder when you do not if your efforts are adding any value to the company. So, when you are sharing your goals, clarify how it would benefit the company as well.

Provide Feedback

Give your employees feedback. This will align them to your project goals as well as make them realize they are an important part of your organization.

Allow Them to Take Ownership

Enabling your employees to take ownership of their work instills a sense of responsibility towards the organization.

Provide Benefits

Do not make employees wait for promotions to get rewarded. Small bursts of benefits like a team outing or a birthday treat can keep them motivated throughout the year.

Hear Them Out

Employees often resent that their complaints or opinions are not given importance. Sending out surveys and meeting to resolve common issues would help you retain them.

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