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How to Write a Project Vision Statement

The project vision is the big picture of what a project will do to push the business forward. The project vision statement is an exciting, one-sentence encapsulation of the vision. In an article at Project Times, Robert B. Sowby provides a few tips for crafting your project’s vision statement.

I See Clearly Now

Sowby looks to Boeing for a great example of a project vision statement: “Denver to Honolulu on a hot day.” There are a lot of implications artistically packed into that small statement. Flying in “Denver” implies that the proposed new plane will have high-altitude capacity, and that it goes to “Honolulu” means it will be able to travel far. And the “hot day” part simply means the plane will be ready by summer. The overall effect of this truncation is that a snappy phrase is derived that employees can say enthusiastically to one another, and importantly, it conveys a sense of purpose in the project.

When you go to build your project vision statement, Sowby says to keep these principles in mind:

  • Simple—Keep your project vision statement brief. If it is longer than a sentence or two, it’s not clear enough.
  • Actionable—Express the project vision with strong verbs like “deliver” or “produce” to encourage action.
  • Engaging—Include concepts that will resonate with project participants and impel them to commit their best effort.
  • Collaborative—Solicit input from many stakeholders, including your team and the client. This will not only produce better ideas but will help them own and agree on the vision.
  • Forward-thinking—Imagine the project’s conclusion and express the vision in terms of the benefits.
  • Specific—If they are brief, you may mention a few key criteria or goals that will define success.

A project vision statement will not be the thing that makes or breaks a project, but it could be a good tool to increase morale and strategic understanding. For additional thoughts, you can view the original article here:

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