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How Project Management Software Increases IT Efficiency

Selecting a tool before having a strategy is a fundamental case of the tail wagging the dog, and IT watches it happen all the time. Nonetheless, great project management software can make a sizeable difference in the results of a project. In an article for IT Business Edge, Carl Weinschenk discusses the benefits of project management software and also how this software has been evolving with time.

Making Optimal Use of Software

Project management software introduces new project oversight to teams, provides at-a-glance understanding of project health, and informs the team of ongoing tasks and obligations. Incidentally, project management software that benefits the whole team (rather than just the manager) is one of the big developments of the software in recent years:

That is one of the key things that is changing. Getting the full benefit from these suites requires enfranchisement of everyone involved, not just top managers. “These solutions are [now] targeted at the team as a whole,” [Margo Visitacion, Forrester’s vice president and principal analyst serving enterprise architecture professionals,] wrote. “They allow teams to have a common workspace that has all tasks, documents and conversations in one place. It reduces the amount of time workers spend searching for information in emails and provides the information real time, and in context. These tools don’t replace the requirement for project planning[;] instead they support and enhance planning capabilities.”

Software also provides a lot of expanded tracking capabilities, such as tracking team members’ hours worked over a period of time, for the sake of helping teams improve their estimation skills. Since projects are becoming increasingly complex, such capabilities are a necessary addition more often than a nice-to-have. But again, what ultimately matters is that the software fits your unique organizational needs. The software has to fit the need. Because if the software don’t fit, you must acquit. Or something.

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