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Why Your Enterprise Needs Business Process Management

Before there was digital transformation, there was business process management (BPM). And digital transformation is only making BPM more powerful, in that BPM is not relegated to being used for only highly repeatable processes anymore. In an article at IT Business Edge, Mike Vizard discusses how and why to use BPM.

BPM at the Next Level

Vizard shares this about the value of BPM:

… providers of BPM platforms have been making the software they provide more accessible by providing access to low-code application development tools that make it simpler to customize the overall environment. … Low-code tools enable IT organizations to more easily customize their BPM implementations to meet their own specific requirements. While there’s a lot to be gained from automating a repeatable backend process, many organizations still want to be able to differentiate themselves by optimizing a specific process or, in some cases, customizing a process on behalf of a specific customer. Low-code tools enable organizations to customize their BPM instances without necessarily having to engage the services of professional services organization.

Beyond that, BPM is sometimes at the organizational center of machine learning algorithms, which in turn ties into robotic processing automation (RPA). So BPM is in essence a starting point for a multitude of emerging technologies right now.

At the full article, Vizard shares several examples of businesses that are currently taking full advantage of BPM, and you can view them here:

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