How to Beat Fear of Change in IT

Fear of change is something that affects everyone in any career. But since IT is the topic of conversation around here, that is the place we are going to be talking about it. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Kevin Casey provides some tips for getting IT staff to become more relaxed amid the unknown.

Embrace the Unknown

The best way to get people accustomed to change is to make change part of the culture in the first place. Normalizing change is the most effective method by far. But even this approach comes with a great deal of work. Firstly, it is critical to maintain as much transparency as possible. If the business cannot trust its employees to have full information of why change is occurring, then why should employees trust the business?

That being said, there are right and wrong ways to convey information to staff. For instance, you should convey your message often and through different channels. The reason is that different people are going to interpret the message differently, so repetition increases the odds that people will eventually fall on the same page. Additionally, a good explanation of change offers a “why,” “how,” and “what,” in that order. Why this change? How will it happen? What is the ultimate result?

Casey goes on to reiterate that change happens over long scales, so you ought to mentally prepare for that:

Don’t assume that change management ends on the same timeline as the project or initiative that created that change in the first place. Real change, especially cultural change, takes time.

And this is where many organizations and leaders drop the ball, according to [Alan Zucker, founder of Project Management Essentials.]. The leadership team simply isn’t allowing enough time for people to process, understand, and socialize significant change into their day-to-day jobs and the company’s culture.

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