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5 Benefits of Remote Project Management

With time, even the traditional business practices and concepts have taken a back seat. Today, people prefer to work from their home and even modern business practices are adaptive to such changes to hold expenses on rented office space. Thanks to online platforms that are promoting virtual work culture.

In this article at Association for Project Management, Brad Egeland explains how the implementation of a simple concept of remote or virtual project management can work in increasing the overall power and effectiveness of an organization.

Virtual Aids

The author suggests five benefits of remote project management as per his personal experience:

  1. Remote project management allows you to access the most skilled resources or candidates across the globe without pushing them to relocate in your organization’s native area. This will eventually reduce the cost of hiring and even the resources would accept the offer on your terms as they are not leaving their comfort at all.
  2.  Virtual project managers are most productive. They are adaptive to working remotely, and they can take over the ongoing project from in-between by just a brief explanation and handover provided by you, that too without risking your client’s trust. You can consider it another advantage of remote project management that allows dealing with the unforeseen situation without losing the client’s faith.
  3.  Remote project management gives flexibility to the project managers and their teams to maintain buffer time for project schedule, status report, and issue list. This will give them room to ensure on-time project delivery and take project status calls with clients on a weekly basis. Bringing your project team or manager in the same location of your organization may increase their weekly work involvement but will surely hamper their life. This will reflect on their end project result as well.
  4. Usually, many organizations do not adopt remote project management for fear of at-home distractions for the project managers or teams. Instead, they prefer face-to-face interactions in a professional setup. However, the author here quotes his personal experience of being much productive at home even though surrounded by six young kids.
  5. Remote project management helps managers to set up conference calls with the clients from any time zone and from any location, without fail. Taking calls from home is way easier and seamless than worrying about reaching office before time, facing traffic, internet or any unforeseen issues. After all, rescheduling or missing scheduled calls leave a somewhat negatively impact on customers. Seamless communication with project managers is more important for clients than location or a formal office setup.

The author, who is a Business Solution Designer and IT/PM consultant, backed with 25 years of strong experience in project management, explained his concerns about the location and personal experience of improved productivity in virtual work setup. To read the original article, follow the link below:

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