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IT versus the Organization

There is a disconnect between IT priorities and organizational priorities, but in a new and surprising way. As John Edwards shares in an article at InformationWeek, the 2018 SIM IT Trends Study finds that IT-business alignment is the #2 priority of organizations—and only the #4 priority for IT. Edwards discusses such discrepancies and what can be done about them.

Colliding Perspectives

Interestingly, the skills shortage is the #3 concern to IT, whereas it is the #17 concern to businesses, a much wider discrepancy. Edwards does not offer any explanation for this anomaly, but it goes to show that one man’s crisis is another’s Salvation Army Christmas bell. Edwards instead seeks comment from various business and IT leaders. An especially insightful tip comes from Paul Lombardo, CEO of Ness Digital Engineering:

The best way for an IT leader to appeal to business leaders is by linking IT investments to business objectives, Lombardo recommended. “If you can, show that an IT investment saves money downstream for investment elsewhere, improves agility and speeds or supports business transformation objectives,” he advised. If you can’t link an IT investment to wider business objectives, ask why it’s on the table in the first place.”

Present likely benefits, risks and any potential ROI in a unified business case scenario, advised Warren Perlman, CIO of Ceridian, a Minneapolis-based provider of human resources software and services. “You can change minds by presenting the facts — real facts with real implications — not doom and gloom,” he said. “Business leaders need to properly understand the costs of not moving forward.”

Another great tip is that, between the business and IT, you are not looking for compromises but rather solutions. IT and the business are ultimately the same entity, so in the end, there should only be one course of action that both sides agree is necessary.

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