Four Ways to Inspire Employees during Change

The lights at the office dim. Suddenly, Van Halen’s “Dreams” booms through the hallways as a laser light show fires up, and you parade down the hallways cheering on your team. Is that too far to go to inspire your employees? Of course not. But if you lack daring or laser lights, there are other options. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Minda Zetlin shares four ways to keep employee spirits high amid change:

  1. Help employees cope with ongoing disruption.
  2. Always be transparent.
  3. Get employees out into the world.
  4. Find a rallying message.

Straight Up They’ll Climb

A business that cares about survival is always making changes. But when change is the norm, it makes for shaky footing for employees. As an IT leader, assure your employees that you are right there with them, riding out the waves. And also articulate that change is not a bad thing, and that it will make everyone stronger when they are able to adapt to these complex circumstances.

In any case, it always pays to be transparent. Keep teams in the loop about what is going on higher up, and always be looking to answer “why” questions before they have even been asked. Employees do not want to feel like they are “just along for the ride.” They want to be involved.

About getting employees out into the world, Zetlin writes this:

“In large organizations, people get very focused on their work and their jobs, as we want them to,” [Wendy Capland, executive coach] says. “They forget there’s a whole world outside that they stop connecting with. People go to work, then they go home and collapse and try to have a life, then they do it all over again.”

Most employees’ work schedules don’t allow a lot of down time, but Capland says it’s important to make sure employees have both the time and the opportunity to attend conferences and other industry and professional events so they can trade stories and information with their peers.

To really sell employees on change and transformation, you should have a rallying message that encapsulates company philosophy. For instance, Steve Jobs would say about Apple, “We think differently.” Perhaps yours should be the company’s favorite Van Halen lyric.

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