When Should You Outsource IT in Government?

Due to a variety of factors, IT workers are more likely to flock to the private sector than to the public sector. So rather than suffer through long and difficult hiring periods, maybe the government should just outsource. In an article for StateTech, Alan R. Shark shares some thoughts for how local government can get started with outsourcing IT.

Government Augmentation

It is important never to treat outsourcing lightly. For the sake of the client and the outsourcer both, it is important to understand where and how outsourcing can help. Thus, the government agency should conduct an IT self-assessment, examining its equipment and software, customer satisfaction, qualifications of its IT staff, and the quality of network maintenance, among other factors.

There are some common aspects of IT that are frequently outsourced. For instance, organizations like to outsource their help desks. They might also like for the cloud to host their email, or they will use a cloud-based ERP. There is the possibility to outsource geographic information systems too:

Many local governments find it advantageous to have geographic information systems operated by a larger jurisdiction in the area. Adding a few data sets from one jurisdiction to another is not that difficult and the cost savings could be substantial. Cloud-based GIS should also be considered.

Shark considers some “creative” IT staffing options as well. Among them is the idea of a “virtual CIO,” who provides remote technological support. Or you could hire a retiree who is still passionate and knowledgeable about technology but just does not want to work 40 hours a week. On the flip side, you could connect with colleges to give their students opportunities to work in your agency. These are all handy, noncommittal ways to plug holes in IT staffing problems. Of course, this does not preclude the possibility of reaching out to an IT staffing company too.

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