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How to Communicate Effectively When You Have No Time for Meetings

You have to keep all your stakeholders informed on how your project is going, but you may not have enough time in the day to physically meet with all of them. What options beyond meetings are available to you? In a post at A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin discusses potential answers.

Informed Faster

One thing you can do to simplify the effort of your reporting is to build a “minimum communication list.” This involves two aspects. The first is to identify all of the stakeholders who are not important to project success and send them a small message that encourages them to ask for updates when they need them; otherwise, only send them updates when something big has happened. For the remaining stakeholders whom you have identified as important, ask them specifically what they would like to know and how they would like to receive the information. If you know that any individual stakeholders can be especially “difficult,” Harrin recommends engaging them one-on-one to limit the mess, preferably over a 15-minute phone call.

When doing email status updates, Harrin likes to include three key pieces of information: tasks completed in the week, tasks due for completion next week, and whatever else is uniquely pertinent to the situation. She also color-codes information in red, amber, and green to make information even more intuitive to absorb. Standard email is not the only non-phone way to convey information though. There are other options you might consider:

  • A newsletter (lots of work for you, they probably still won’t read it)
  • A monthly report (maybe in presentation format instead of a document – key points on a slide)
  • The dashboard functionality of your project management software. You could set up a dashboard and give them access and let them look at it when they have time (they probably would never look)

For further tips, you can view the original post here:

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