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3 Leadership Techniques for Success

Great leadership is not a single set of best practices. Great leadership is more like, well, a game like Pokémon—where there are hundreds of unique and specialized techniques to play out in hundreds of different occasions. So it is always useful to read up on new techniques to expand your repertoire. In a post for Project Management Tips, Elizabeth Harrin shares three such tips:

  1. Share the project goals.
  2. Manage by walking around.
  3. Shield the team from office politics.

Pika-Choosing Success

The project goals are the reason for the project’s existence. All work that is done in the project should be accomplished with these goals in mind. Thus, it is critical that project managers convey project goals to their teams clearly and regularly, maybe even hanging them on the wall. Goals are the “true north” of the project, and do not let anyone forget that.

Next, management by walking around (MBWA) is exactly what it sounds like—you learn about people and the work they are doing by walking around, listening, and talking. MBWA fosters closer connections with the project team, resulting in turn in increased collaboration. And MBWA can occur virtually too, by way of little phone calls and Skype messages.

Another good way to keep morale up is to shield your team from the sometimes hostile atmosphere of the world outside. Politics can be a killer, and Harrin adds this:

Obviously, don’t keep secrets from [your team] where it’s important that they are involved in the decisions or the information would help them do their job in some way, but just think before sharing every tiny discussion you are involved with. Leaders often get to hear information that isn’t appropriate to be passed on – not because it’s secret or confidential but because it’s negative gossip, complaints or general grumbling. You don’t need to take part in sharing that because it’s not helpful.

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