3 Ways to Inspire a Product Mentality in IT

In recent years, IT has been tasked with making more money (or money, period). The top businesses have been able to adapt to this rather easily and now have the keys to the kingdom. But how’d they do it? They shifted from a project mentality to a product mentality. In an article for the Enterprisers Project, Laurianne McLaughlin explains how to ignite this change:

  1. Inspiring ownership and accountability
  2. Prioritizing the user experience
  3. Developing different metrics to measure success

From Project to Product

The first step to inspiring this product mentality will definitely not be an easy one. Old habits and setups are hard to break, especially if you break up IT silos. However, there comes a level of ownership and accountability for a product that isn’t as present when working on a project. McLaughlin says how this change in mentality can further affect the workplace environment as a whole:

“It’s been about two years now without any turnover from this team, and the benefits of assembling one dedicated to a product have been significant,” [Tim Elkins, CIO at PrimeLending ] says. “Everyone feels like they have the opportunity to contribute to the end result and that their voices are heard, for example. You’re part of this team all year long, year after year, instead of just a short cycle of the project. People feel ownership, and there’s a strong sense of camaraderie that there wasn’t before.”

This ownership of the project extends to the project once it goes live as well. Projects are started and then ended once the deliverable is available to the users, but the product mentality approaches it differently. By continuing to focus on the user and provide support for the user throughout the product’s lifecycle, the experience for the user is enhanced.

Lastly, there must be different metrics to measure success in a product-based work environment. This can vary based on the goals set forth by the business, but some examples would be customer adoption rates or creativity.

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