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Ways to Build Up Your Information Security

Corporate security policy is one of the major issues haunting IT today. It’s more important now than ever that businesses focus on information security. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels talks about information security for enterprise technology.

Info Security for the Modern World

When asked, more than a third of IT leaders put information security as a top concern for 2017. And it’s not particularly hard to see why when looking at some of the recent hacks that have cost businesses millions of dollars.

Samuels also warns of how businesses can be affected by legacy technology:

[Jonathan Mitchell, non-executive director at recruitment firm Harvey Nash and former CIO at Rolls Royce] says it is surprising more companies are not fully committed given the high levels of attack. The good news is that security is moving up the executive agenda. He says the top things CIOs talk about in boardrooms are IT strategies, major transformation initiatives and cyber security concerns.

“There’s a growing interest in security, but my belief is that many organisations are not aware of how fast they must move to keep their systems patched,” says Mitchell. “I also think many of the core operating systems that businesses use are not designed with the adversary in mind. Organisations often have to deal with a legacy of systems that are designed to be as open as possible.”

The culture must be injected with a greater focus on risk management, especially considering the rise of internal information breaches. Information security needs to extend to all areas of the organization and implement measures that work in an open environment. In order for any of these things to work, there needs to be a long-term plan in place that can roll with the punches.

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