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The Value of Transparency in Project Management

Executives are constantly being told that they need to express more transparency in how they lead the business. Project managers can benefit from this same attitude too. In a post for the Digital Project Manager, Jonathan Weber discusses why transparency has clear, strong value to project managers.

The Power of Clarity

In the first place, practicing and demanding more transparency within projects leads to more accountability and generally better performance. This is because nobody is left guessing about what they need to do and how they can support each other. In turn, the odds of a project derailing decline too.

Of course—so as to avoid micromanagement—you do not need to inject high transparency into everything. Be tactical about it. For example, sharing a few overarching details of the project budget might actually give the team context on how much time they really have to accomplish project work.

It is also important to be transparent when project changes occur. People hate to be told something has to change when there is not an adequate reason, so be explicit up front about why the change has occurred. Do not give people the chance to stew.

Lastly, transparency is useful when problems arise:

The project manager should have a clear understanding of the project and the ability to identify problems when they arise so as to take timely corrective action. Since the problems in the project affect the work of other team members, it is advisable to share them with the team. Often, team members can provide suggestions that will help in solving the issues.

Project managers should exercise openness with the rest of the team when facing challenges they cannot handle alone. Being open encourages the workers to share any issues they may have with their colleagues. A team will not be fully effective unless they share problems that affect their performance and find solutions together.

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