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How to Use LinkedIn to Promote Your Project Management Skills

Pretty much everyone has a LinkedIn nowadays when starting up their job hunt. It is social media platform centered on connecting professionals to one another. So why only use it when you’re looking for a job? In a post for the PM Perspectives Blog, Elizabeth Harrin explains how to use your LinkedIn account to its fullest extent.

New Strategies to Link In

Your LinkedIn account shouldn’t be static; update it regularly as you go through your career. Any acquired skills, previous projects, and new qualifications are just a few of the things you can add to build your profile up. An up-to-date profile could increase your chances of being contacted in the future regarding new opportunities.

There should at least be some bare minimum information that you include on your profile. A vague indication of your location, such as the county you live in or the closest major city, can give employers a way to gauge if they would be willing to pay relocation fees or not. Likewise, if you’re local to the place of employment, then they may have more incentive to hire you. Including your industry can give a sense of what you have experience with as well.

Naturally, you’d want to include your current position or what you’re doing with time if you are looking for a new job. Harrin also gives a guideline on how to include your previous work experience:

Even if you choose not to list all your jobs back to that paper round you had at school, you should give a bit of indication as to what you’ve done with your career. If you haven’t had two previous positions, that’s fine, but if you have then include a line or three.

For all your roles be sure to specify:

  • Overall objective of project/main purpose of role
  • Size of team you worked with and if you managed them directly
  • Budget you were responsible for
  • Duration of the project
  • Benefits/value to the organization, especially if you can highlight something you were responsible for delivering personally.

Add any noteworthy training and skills you have picked up prior to this job as well. When it comes to choosing a good profile pic, it needs to be a good-quality headshot taken in a professional location. Make sure you smile! And wear professional attire.

The social side of LinkedIn also has some general rules and guidelines to follow. Connecting with people you don’t know is discouraged, for instance. Set boundaries of whom you want to connect with, but also don’t be afraid to endorse people when they deserve it. They may return the favor or they may not, but the choice is up to you.

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