Develop the Mindset of the Next-Generation CIO

CIOs are wrestling for control of the technology budget with CMOs, among other competitors. What is at stake is IT’s credibility moving into the future. CIOs who can demonstrate a forward-looking mindset can remain the masters of their own destiny and ensure IT’s continued relevance. In an article for CIO magazine, Dan Tynan describes the skills and traits that “next-generation” CIOs will have to possess.

Robust Priorities

Chiefly, CIOs must make technology a customer-centric experience, and they must find ways to hear directly from customers on a regular basis. It would be wise of CIOs to go directly to the CMO and ask for customer data. There is no downside to better understanding customer needs.

Tynan and some of the personalities that he interviewed for the article make the argument that roles like CDO (Chief Digital Officer) arose partly because CIOs just were not stepping up to the plate themselves. And that is probably true. If the CIO is already championing data in the business and making data-driven decisions, how many businesses would still feel compelled to hire a CDO? Likely only the very large ones where responsibilities must be shared. At the least, CIOs should be investing in providing education on basic analytics, so that IT can help the business answer basic business questions.

Tynan concludes with a quote from Forrester’s Nigel Fenwick:

I’m increasingly seeing business-savvy CIOs bringing a deep understanding of the customer to their technology teams … I’ve always said CEOs get the CIOs they deserve… The CEO who sees technology as a potential accelerator of the business, particularly around the customer experience, will look to CIOs who are much more business savvy and able to see how they can use technology to drive revenue growth.

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