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Business Casual: A Wardrobe Nightmare

“Business casual” has become an oxymoron. How casual is too casual? How business is too business? Nobody knows, and it is causing frustrations. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels sheds some light on how ridiculous business casual can be.

Casual Friday…Every Day

As companies look to be warmer and more inviting to new talent, there has been a notable shift in dress code over the years. Everyone has heard of “casual Friday,” which seems like more of a joke now than an actual portion of a dress code, but now it’s evolved into much more casual wear. This would be completely fine if there were a universal understanding of what business casual entails. Yet Samuels explains how his own experiences have been wildly different from business to business; one CIO might wear suits while another wears a T-shirt and jeans.

The issue for IT as a whole is that this casual approach to appearance may offer a good experience for those in-house, but for employees that have outward-facing jobs it can impact the company image, as well as their own. IT strives to be taken seriously, but it’s hard to view someone as a business professional when they look like they’re running late for class. Samuels further highlights dressing business casual can even be a problem in everyday events:

IT leaders must also consider attire for external work. Modern CIOs engage with an ecosystem of partners, from non-competitive firms to vendor partners and onto fleet-of-foot start-ups. Then there are evening events, most of which take place in smart venues with formal dress codes. Now think of that broad range of organisations and venues, and try and think of a single dress code that works across all situations – you can’t because there isn’t one.

No one is rushing to solve this problem either. Do you have any suggestions?

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