4 Ways CIOs Can Help Create the Next Generation of Leaders

As digital transformation continues to affect the landscape of business moving forward, the way we create future leaders has to make strides to keep up. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels consults four experts to get their advice on how to develop new expertise:

  • Create a mentorship program to develop commercial aptitude.
  • Act like an executive sponsor and help staff gain strategic experience.
  • Work out how your best employees can become agents of change.
  • Make IT professionals focus on assembling, integrating, and curating.

 CIO, the Next Generation

Samuels says that new employees should learn skills through a “shadowing” process:

As part of his technology leadership programme, Shiraji has introduced a shadowing system, where nominees within the IT team attend senior leadership team meetings. There is no prerequisite in terms of skills and capabilities. The key, says Shiraji, is that shadowing allows people to contribute.

“Shadowing builds appetite and helps IT professionals understand the role of the next-generation information leader,” he says. “The indicators for success for me will be that we will have a very different make-up at senior IT gatherings in the future. I don’t necessarily want a set of IT leaders who have a strong technology background. I just want good people who ask great questions.”

CIOs now have even more value than before due to having a much larger effect on business strategy and working closely with business partners. The experience of running digital transformation is keeping the CIO valued, despite some detractors who say that there may be a shifts to other C-suite positions.

Samuels’s final point is how CIOs must be adaptable to the times in order to survive. Being able to notice the value in one course of action over another is key to the next generation of leaders in IT.

For a more detailed discussion, you can view the original article here:

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