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How Your Website Might Be Driving Visitors Away

Having the marketing in place to drive traffic to your website is tricky enough in the first place. But what happens once you’ve gotten them there? How can you retain your customers on your site? In an article for Business 2 Community, Roman Kniahynyckyj describes some ways your website might be driving away traffic.

Traffic Tips for the Savvy Site

When someone visits your site, the last thing they want is an autoplay video to bombard them with information they didn’t want or need. Forcing someone to watch a video can only lead to irritation, so make sure they have a choice in the matter. Your other media, specifically your photos, shouldn’t contain cheap-looking stock photos of people either. Instead, you should snap a few photos of people around the workplace so your customers can see what the people in your business are really like.

When it comes to the text and information of your website, there are simple do’s and don’ts. Avoid massive blocks of text and keep in mind how it will all appear on a screen (desktop or mobile). Hard-to-read fonts and color choices are going to deter a lot of people from your site, so keep it simple. And you can fix the aforementioned block text problem by breaking up the information into chunks with specific headings.

Kniahynyckyj also gives some tips on how to approach pop-ups:

  • Don’t make your visitors feel bad for not wanting your CTA [call to action]. Use polite (never shaming) language for your “no thank you” option.
  • Choose Smart CTAs. Allow your marketing automation system to decide which one to show. Program your site strategically so that a pop-up reaches your visitors at specific points in their buyer’s journey.
  • Assess Your Pop-ups. If you’re going to use pop-ups, you need to know if they are working. Review the statistics related to how many clicks each pop-up leads to. If a pop up is not performing well, determine ways that you can make it more effective—or get rid of it altogether.

The load times of your pages should be speedy, under a few seconds if you can. Anything more is going to drive away viewers, so figure out what is slowing things down. And lastly, remember “About Us” and contact info should always be comprehensible and clearly accessible; if you cannot provide that, you have already failed.

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