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Voice Technology Is the Way of the Future

Back 15 years ago, voice-activated technology only existed in science fiction. But with Siri, Cortana, and Alexa becoming an increasingly integral part of consumers’ day-to-day lives, we now have this technology as a reality. But how can you make these new technologies work for you? In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels explores some of the ways technology will affect business moving forward, as well as how to analyze the future potential of these technologies.

Finding the Right Voice

The first step to understanding voice technology is to realize that we are in some of its earliest stages. Right now it follows a very basic conversation format, which is essentially you ask a specific question or say a specific statement and then the voice responds to it. This is only the beginning. Additionally, voice can be used in business settings to be integrated into different tasks, such as warehouse picking, to give greater ease of access of lists and information to the workers. It is important to remember though that voice is only becoming an additional option–not a replacement, much like how instant messaging has not replaced emails.

Voice could further reshape the way different items are bought and sold, such as car insurance:

[Peter Markey, former CMO of Aviva] envisages further developments in the future. A consumer at home, for example, might be reminded by Alexa that their car insurance is expiring soon and might ask the system to find a quote. The customer might have some element of brand loyalty and be concerned that the quote comes from their existing insurer. Equally, the consumer might be more interested in the cheapest possible quote and might be prepared to break previous brand loyalties. Markey says executives must take note.

The final point that Samuels makes is that voice should be embedded into business processes and that doing so will invigorate processes. Finding the right voice technology flavor that works for your company should be top priority.

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