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It’s Time to Upgrade Your Legacy Processes

As we continue to move towards a more digitized age of business, legacy systems have become increasingly obsolete. Enterprise software is holding a lot of companies back by being incredibly slow and lacking the adaptability of modern tools. In an article on CIO.com, Mary Branscombe explains how legacy processes are holding your business back and why it is time to upgrade.

Leaving Your Legacy Behind

Simply moving your enterprise apps to IaaS (infrastructure as a service) doesn’t make your business digital; you need to update them to the times. You should also make sure the new tools you introduce are integrated into the embedded systems. The old world of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the new world of customer relationship management (CRM) must converge, even though that is easier said than done. Branscombe cites Box CEO Aaron Levie’s thoughts on enterprise systems:

Levie predicts that the systems of engagement and record for unstructured content will be conflated. “That’s a lot of what the digital operating model is about. It relies on the fact that we have to be more agile, that there is a little bit more chaos, that there is more unsupervised collaboration…. It’s not going to go away that you’re going to want structured systems for inventory or financial data, but we think you have to use the two together in tandem.”

There may already be some processes in play that inhibit your ability to update your systems though. Branscombe references the “frozen middle” to describe parts of your business that are more difficult to change. When adapting new technology, it’s important to look at the digital business model to see how the model may change moving forward and what is at risk of jamming things up.

You can view the original article here: http://www.cio.com/article/3198754/customer-relationship-management/legacy-processes-are-holding-back-your-digital-business.html

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