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How Your Service Desk Can Support Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is the mandate for all companies. But going digital requires good threat protection, proper growth, and overall tools to ensure the transformation works for the company. In a post for SITS, Steve Daly gives some advice on how your service desk can help in this department.

Transforming Your Business for the Better

In a report from the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation, they say four of the top 10 incumbents in each industry could be replaced by rivals that are more willing to digitally transform their company. But not all threats to business are so straightforward. Millions of new malware samples are popping up each quarter too.

In order to be successful, CIOs need to carefully weigh their options when it comes to the scale of the changes. This is where a unified and cohesive approach will help in figuring out how these large-scale changes are going to affect your company. The service desk is pivotal here because it’s the point of contact for issues with devices and operating systems. With proper communication lines established, they can be good judges of when issues need escalation or when to deescalate security issues.

Daly says the right automated systems need to be in place to help defend against threats. He lists some tools that can be incorporated:

  • automated patch and configuration management to enhance stability and close down attacks exploiting known vulnerabilities
  • app whitelisting to mitigate the risk of zero-day threats and ransomware
  • encryption to protect data if it gets into the wrong hands
  • device control capabilities to automatically apply security policies for removable media
  • threat protection / anti-virus to deal with ‘background noise’ malware
  • the ability to manage effectively on or off premise

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