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Richard Branson: Put Your Staff 1st, Customers 2nd, & Shareholders 3rd

No business can succeed long-term without revolving everything it does around its customers–yet Richard Branson still says the first emphasis should be on your staff. He explains his successful philosophy of putting staff first in this video with Inc., in addition to talking about why he’s a proponent of “management by walking around.”

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  1. I guess he didn’t get the memo from Milton Friedman that the ONLY responsibility of a company is to increase shareholder value. That philosophy has been on the rise, at least here in the U.S., since the 1980s. The result has been a great decrease in the influence of labor, short term corporate planning and results horizons, increased CEO salaries, and a gut punch to our middle class.

    Branson’s approach is spot on. Your company is only as good as its employees. Hire the right ones, take care of them, give them the right tools, and the rest takes care or itself. That’s playing the long game. Maybe you lose money (and some stock value) in the short run, but long terms it’s a winner. Too bad we’ve lost that point of view.

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