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The Obvious but Overlooked Reasons a Project Plan Can Fail

When it comes to managing projects, too many people stumble and fall on the essentials, perhaps because nobody ever taught them the essentials. While some project failures are unavoidable, there are also some that can be easily prevented. In a post for Project Management Tips, Shuba Kathikeyan gives seven reasons why project plans fail:

  1. Unclear scope of project
  2. Lack of communication
  3. Miscalculating timelines
  4. Undermanned teams
  5. Lack of planning
  6. Being a helicopter manager
  7. Insufficient monitoring

Proper Planning Leads to Profit

Making sure your project gets off to a good footing can come in how well you define the scope of the project. Setting milestones and other such markers can give your team a good gauge of their progress, as well as defining the deliverables and other details that may be crucial to the project. Kathikeyan also stresses the importance of communication:

Regardless of the industry you are in, communication is pivotal to disseminate information and knowledge proactively. Without communication, you and your team are left guessing on what the next steps are.

To avoid miscommunication, simplify significant details of the project. Be as clear and concise as you possibly can, in verbal or written communication.

Tracking timelines can keep from procrastinating on more important chunks of work that can cost serious man-hours and loss of quality. Spreading your team too thinly can also result in exhaustion, which similarly ends up in work quality lost. Keeping meetings short but consistent can help everyone stay updated and prevents improper planning. You should also strike a balance as a manager between having a firm grip but allowing enough freedom for your team to express their creativity. In essence, don’t be a helicopter manager and don’t be too wish-washy.

You can view the original post here: http://pmtips.net/blog-new/7-most-overlooked-reasons-a-project-plan-fails

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