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4 Must-Have Features of Great ITSM Software

If you are going to invest in ITSM software, you had better make sure it is the right one for your company. What should you be looking at as key selling points? In a post for, Richard Josey identifies four must-have features of software:

  1. Viable software vendor
  2. Strong implementation capabilities
  3. Ease of use
  4. Flexibility

Features for Your Future

Ultimately, any ITSM software you buy is going to be an investment in the vendor of that software. The relationship that your company will build with them won’t be temporary, so Josey says to choose a vendor that has reliable contact, is currently in a state of expansion, and will not be going out of business any time soon.

Here are some tips when considering potency of implementation capabilities:

Key to success is a strong implementation team, not only setting up the ITSM tool to reflect the business’s requirements for ITSM processes, but also providing ITSM integrations into the business and other IT tools. It’s rare for companies to “go it alone” with ITSM tools these days, so assess the implementation capabilities of, and successes for, either the ITSM tool vendor or their partners.

Additionally, the software just has to be easy to use. This minimizes training time and frustration of your staff, and it also just makes the software more enticing. If the software easily jives with people’s existing daily routines, everyone will be better for it.

The flexibility of your tool is where it will sink or swim when put to the test within your business requirements. Think of it as a Goldilocks scenario: You need the tool to be flexible enough to adapt to new business situations, but structured enough to be accessible. The level of flexibility should be tailored to your company and its needs so you can have the best ITSM software possible.

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