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5 Ways to Make the Summer Break Count in IT

Summer just seems like that time where everyone stops to take a breather. School’s out, blockbuster season is in full swing, and IT has some free time. But there’s a difference between having extra time and wasting it. In his article for TechRepublic, Brandon Vigliarolo gives some examples of what IT can do during the summer to keep your IT team productive:

  1. Clean up your asset management inventory.
  2. Review and update your documentation.
  3. Revisit your disaster recovery plan.
  4. Schedule some training.
  5. Reassess your vision.

How to Book Your Break

There can be a lot of useless junk clogging up your asset management platform over time. Dead machines leave their footprints on the platform through expired IP leases and a MAC address. Under normal circumstances, this is low enough on the priority list to keep it from being done, but now you can clean things up. You can move around items to different categories, reassign items, and replace outdated hardware.

This is also a good time to review some documents that don’t always seem as important when bigger things are on the to-do list. Look over and update documentation to make sure it’s as current as possible. The disaster recovery should be looked over during this time too.

There’s never a time in IT when you can’t learn something. This new downtime you have can be set aside for some time for training in any number of ways, ranging from online learning to just mini-lessons in person.

Finally, Vigliarolo describes how this time can be taken to reassess your vision:

“[Slow periods are] a good time to refocus efforts on what initiatives are most important to the overall mission of the organization,” he said. [Patrick] Mussell gave security as an example—the NSCL, a DOE-affiliated cyclotron laboratory, is particularly sensitive to the growth in security threats.

Mussell and his team have to constantly reevaluate their top priorities, especially after hectic times of the year. It’s easy for mission-critical things to fall through the cracks for the sake of expediency, and now is the opportune time to recapture them.

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