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How to Make Your Service Catalogue Customer-Centric

Service catalogues are the next big step in elevating your service desk to more than just a “break-fix” setup. Transforming your service desk into a customer-centric model isn’t easy though. In a post for SITS, Ron van Haasteren gives advice on how to successfully make this shift to a more customer-driven format.

Creating Your Catalogue

One of the big missteps made by most IT is solely working to make life easier for IT, not the customer. Shifting your focus from your own perspective to that of a customer will let you analyze whether your service catalogue is the best course of action.

Van Haasteren then says what a good service catalogue should bring to the table for IT:

On your service desk you may have a knowledge base, which also sits within your self-service portal serving as a quick way of overcoming known problems within your IT environment. What your knowledge base won’t cover is detailed information about how your processes work, or what services or tools you have to offer.

A good service catalogue will put that information at a service desk analyst’s fingertips…the more readily available and accessible and useful you make that documentation, the more motivated your IT staff will be to keep it fresh.

You should also have a good self-service portal that can process different requests with ease. Van Haasteren uses a customer looking for a PDF editor as an example. Your self-service portal should have an automated system that can lead them to an article, which would link up to the service catalogue where they can install a PDF editor on their own. But it’s important to keep in mind that you need to make the changes that are right for your company, which may require reevaluating your service strategy and mapping out how your service catalogue will be used.

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