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Are You Good Enough as a Project Manager?

At the risk of sounding like a self-help video, the key to success in project management is to believe in yourself. Too many project managers feel inadequate at what they do or worry too much about their project to the point where it affects their confidence. But how can you strengthen your belief in yourself? In a post at her blog, project leadership coach Susanne Madsen gives some advice on how to increase your confidence:

  • Review your project.
  • Get a reality check.
  • Feel your strengths.

Conquering Confidence-Building

Madsen says that the first step to improving your confidence is to review your project:

At a practical level it’s important that your project is properly defined, that your team in motivated and that your project plans are adequate. Don’t feel that it’s your role to have all the answers. Your team members are there to support you. Discuss with them how you will be working together to deliver the project. Make reference to deliverables, procedures, roles and responsibilities and to team behaviours. Similarly, don’t set out to plan the project all on your own. … Collaboration creates buy-in and commitment from the team and produces a better plan than if you were to create it on your own.

If you’re still unsure of yourself about the plan, consult a mentor or have some of your peers sit in on your meetings.

While your plan may be solid, sometimes you still lack confidence in yourself. You can alleviate this by asking some people that you respect that you’ve worked with in the past or are currently working with for some feedback on your performance. Make sure they include some areas that you can improve on, as well as what they believe some of your strengths are. Madsen says that people often feel surprisingly uplifted by the positivity that appears in coworkers’ feedback. But once you get your feedback, use the resources at your disposal to improve your skills.

These points are good for kick-starting your confidence boost; the rest of the work is internalizing this positive outlook. Brainstorm some things that you’re good at and write them all down. Write down all your past achievements and accomplishments as well. You can expand upon these ideas by reciting them each and every day before going in to work. Utilizing just a few of these can ultimately help you believe in yourself.

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