CIOs and CTOs Must Work as Partners

The collaboration between CIOs and CTOs used to be fairly simple: CIOs managed and adapted preexisting technology, while the CTOs focused on creating the new tech aimed at value creation. But the two have become increasingly intertwined with one another to the point where the traditional model of business no longer works. In an article for CIO Insight, David Sovie explains why the CIO and CTO need to work as partners.

Put ‘er There Partner

The two fundamental developments that have pushed IT into the fast lane are connected products and the need to engage deeper with the customer. Connected products vary from traditional products in that they can provide feedback to customers, be updated in real time, and collect information about customer preferences. Engaging the customer meanwhile requires a dramatic increase in agility to push out product improvements faster. It also means a product has to work across any device. A challenge for IT then has been to shift away from systems of records to systems of interactions.

The majority of big companies do not have the resources to create custom systems that account for and assimilate decades of isolated enterprise implementations, so there are valid reasons why not everyone can be structured like Facebook. Still, CIOs and CTOs collectively need to start the conversation about upgrading the IT department’s functions now in order to remain competitive. The technology and the culture will have to change in tandem. Sovie then says that ecosystem development will replace vendor strategy:

Long gone are the days when an IT strategy relied on selecting a few major vendors to meet all a company’s strategic technology needs. Today, the technology and associated business advantages evolve rapidly, and young, innovative companies are often leading the way in important new areas such as container programming, AI data training and the latest agile development techniques.

Enterprise technology vendors provide great value and offer a global footprint. However, to keep pace in a hyper-connected world, companies must develop a trusted ecosystem of upcoming disruptors that are coupled with traditional global IT suppliers.

CIOs and CTOs should also look for where there are skill gaps that need to be addressed. Finding the right talent and proper training are key in keeping your staff sharp. Sovie also says to not be afraid to take chances and do things in a way that deviate from what you usually do.

Lastly, you need to keep the basics in mind. Protecting data, maintaining good project management hygiene, and communicating regularly are some universal truths moving forward.

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