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How to Build a Happy and Productive Team

Assembling a productive team looks like a cakewalk on paper. All you need to do is throw talented and hardworking individuals into a team and then watch the results roll in, right? But there’s a bit more work on your part as a leader to ensure your team’s success. In an article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels interviews four experts to see how you can make your team happy and productive.

A-Team Building Essentials

The first step to creating a productive team is to make sure there is a diverse group of personalities involved in your project. Having a variety of opinions can help your team identify problems that they may not find if all of them are in agreement. Your team should similarly have the right to interject and be listened to when they aren’t happy with the decisions being made. Showing your team that their words matter is crucial to increasing their involvement.

Mark Settle, CIO at Okta, shows what it takes to increase investment from individual workers as well:

“It’s easy to talk about aspirations but, as a leader, you have to come down from the mountain and find ways to personalise those goals…In too many cases, the leader just sets a general path or direction. People are left to their own devices and just get on with the thing that’s easiest for them to do. The IT staff is often begging for management direction…Most people don’t understand the implications of their activities on the work of others,” [Settle] says. “It’s so much more powerful if you can look around a table and point out how great it would be if certain goals could be reached by people working together.”

As the times continue to show how IT has an increasingly crucial role in a business’s success, the adaptability of your style of management needs to have a focus on flexibility. Your ability to take risks and chances with your company will define how it will be moving forward. That said, investing in talent and mentoring those with potential will build up your staff’s morale.

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