5 Steps a New CIO Can Take to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Success as a CIO is driven by how they use digital technology to innovate. But there’s a lot of competition out there for CIOs. Everyone is vying to be on top of the heap, wanting to be responsible for the next big thing. It’s here that strategy and good planning reign supreme. In an article for CIO UK, Chloe Dobinson gives five steps to success for new CIOs:

  • Have a platform for communication.
  • Invest in talent.
  • Conduct competition research.
  • Target a new market.
  • Take risks.

Step Up Your Success

Communication plays a big role in your success as a CIO. Building up open communication with different departments can help in voicing opinions and will help motivate everyone involved to reach their goals. A good digital leader should also have a solid prediction of where the business will be in a year.

Investing in talent is another step you should take:

Tech companies should often refresh their employee talent through investing, upskilling and hiring new talent. 

But research suggests soft skills are playing a vital role as much as IT skills, with networking, management and communication regarded as equally important as cybersecurity (95%), according to the 2017 Spiceworks survey.

Investing in skills is often cited as a concern for CIOs and retaining IT talent. Applying the relevant experience to the industry can help push the company in a competitive market while also meeting the changing demands of the industry.

Looking at your competition allows you to help grow as a business as well. Your opponents can demonstrate how the market is changing or how preferences are currently. Competition research helps a CIO be flexible and gives the business the advantage needed to stay on the cutting edge.

But none of this matters if CIOs aren’t willing to take risks or target a new market. Companies that explore newer products and venues have the ability to reach larger audiences. Granted, there is a chance that you will lose some of your current audience, but collaborating with marketing to learn what the customer profile looks like will make it a calculated risk. Look to utilize other venues of information too, like social media. You might track down new companies with exciting innovative ideas with whom you would like to work.

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