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5 Good Reasons to Not Manage the New Project

Most times when a project comes your way, you don’t have a choice on whether or not to take it. But for those rare chances you can, you have the golden opportunity to to gauge whether you can really deliver with it. To help make this process easier, there are some very clear signs that you shouldn’t accept a project from the beginning. In his article for Project Times, Brad Egeland gives some reasons why that new project may not be worth the hassle:

  1. Only partial upfront funding in place
  2. No customer-side project team
  3. New territory for your organization
  4. Unfamiliar technology
  5. Risk and cyber security problematic beyond what you or your organization are comfortable with

Reasons to Be Picky with Projects

Partial funding might occur when it turns out the client only wants you to do the foundational work, with the intention being to bring the project back in-house later. Avoid this hiccup by asking a lot of questions up front about the project, how long you are expected to work on the project, and how much the funding will cover. The client’s involvement is another integral part of this process. A lack of involvement on the part of the customer may signal a lack of interest, which will complicate things on your end.

Egeland also warns of how dabbling in the unfamiliar might be an issue when selecting a project:

New territory can mean it’s just you and your team without any support when you run into project roadblocks.

A situation like this happened to me on a project servicing a major airline.  An industry that my organization had never dabbled in. It involved some serious considerations for the software we were configuring for the implementation of the solution. These were considerations that the organization had never encountered…We were pioneers blazing a new path. It’s not as fun as it sounds when you are up against nearly impossible deadlines, cost overrun concerns, and frequent change orders because this was never a solution implemented within this industry.

Using unfamiliar technology might be a bit too far out of your company’s reach to take on the project. Not being able to competently deliver the desired result can be a mark on your resume and no one wants that. Egeland further says that you should be wary of the cyber security risks of the project because they can likewise have serious repercussions on your company. You need to be comfortable with the level of risk a project brings.

You can view the original article here: https://www.projecttimes.com/articles/5-reasons-you-don-t-want-to-manage-the-new-project.html

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