3 Tips to Help Your Choose the Best Tech Vendors

As outsourcing and cloud computing becomes more and more common, picking proper vendors has become an integral part of running a good IT department. In his article on ZDNet, Jason Hiner gives three tips on how to find good vendors:

  1. Know how to navigate lock-in.
  2. Don’t make a decision without peer input.
  3. Make sure cyber security is part of the plan.

Vetting Your Vendors

Hiner starts off by explaining how you should carefully navigate lock-in by vendors:

Naturally, most vendors are going to do everything they can to lock you into their ecosystem and make it difficult for you to leave once you sign the contract. No matter what add-ons and discounts they offer, make sure you actually calculate the value of what you’re getting versus the penalties and additional costs you’ll incur if you have to change horses in the future.

Another tip he provides is to never make a decision without peer input. Talking to other companies that the vendor has worked with–both the finest examples and their most average examples–can help give you a more complete look as to what you’re signing up for.

Cyber security should also be on the radar. The worst cyber security incidents are caused by weak links with vendors. Don’t be afraid to ask tough questions on cyber security. You can even ask for a security audit to ensure the vendor is secure.

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