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5 Ways to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Balancing your personal life and work can be hard. Most people feel that there’s an extreme imbalance between these two and its rarely personal life overtaking work. But there are ways to remedy work consuming your life by working smarter, not harder. In a post at A Girl’s Guide to Project Management, Elizabeth Harrin lists some easy steps you can take to keep work from consuming your life:

  • Know your strengths.
  • Set clear boundaries about the hours you work.
  • Set clear boundaries about how people contact you.
  • Hide away and catch up.
  • Learn to use your technology.

How to De-Stress to Be at Your Best

One of the easiest ways to work smarter is to identify what you’re good at. You might be decent at one thing, but someone else might be a rock star at it. The key is to not be intimidated by their expertise and instead use their skills for the betterment of the team. You should also make sure you know how to use the tools at your disposal. This will take away unnecessary frustration later if issues arise.

One of the biggest points that Harrin stresses throughout the post is the importance of space away from work. You must set clear boundaries because you are not on the clock 24/7/365. You need to be able to take time back for your personal life to catch up on other things. One of the key factors of this is setting boundaries on how people can contact you:

If people can reach you by IM, mobile phone, desk phone, BlackBerry, home phone, email and so on it makes life much more stressful. Tell people how you can be contacted and stick to it. You could  have a “drop everything” list of people who have all your contact details. These people would be your child’s school, your partner, your director: the important people in your life whom you would make an exception for because you know they wouldn’t call you up unless it was critical. Everyone else can get in touch on your convenience.

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