6 Tech Trends That Will Change How Leaders View Risk

Risk management used to play a much smaller role in IT. But now the constantly shifting state of initiatives means that risks need to be monitored constantly. As risk management continues to rise in importance, there are emerging trends that will help shape the way business leaders look at risks. In an article for TechRepublic, Alison DeNisco discusses six new trends that will help reshape the way we view risks:

  1. The transition to the modern cloud and hyperconvergence
  2. Pervasiveness of artificial intelligence (AI)
  3. Evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT)
  4. Blockchain layering in GRC
  5. The new economy
  6. The new workforce

Risk Means More Now

Cloud computing has shifted the world towards XaaS, or everything as a service. This shift will include the seamless flow of data throughout industries and will create a new set of risks and regulations. The focus should then move to the security of information, but also a level of transparency about some of the adherence to these new regulations.

DeNisco explains that the pervasiveness of artificial intelligence will also be a trend to look out for:

The risk intelligence gathered from AI and machine learning platforms will lead to gains in performance management at many levels, according to the report. “GRC technology will need to evolve to keep pace with these expanding data sets and varied risks,” the report stated. “Solutions will need to transform to help businesses manage risk and compliance effectively and pervasively across the organization.”

With a connected device count exceeding the amount of people on Earth, these 20 billion-some devices need to be properly covered. These devices are integral to the multitude of new industries that have popped up that are driven by technology, such as Uber. These emerging industries will require a new network of regulations and requirements that can cover the constantly changing landscape. And in addition to the new economy reshaping risk management, the new workforce will play a major role in the future. Our mobile workforce needs a new framework to go about dealing with security risks and regulations.

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