Can You Define Your Organization’s Culture?

A workplace’s culture is one of the main reasons people are attracted to or repulsed by an organization. A lot of organizations seem to have difficulty when it comes to culture, and the missteps can cost them dearly. In an article for, Sharon Florentine gives the rundown on how to define your organization’s culture.

Cultivating Your Culture

The best way to start shaping your culture is to identify and own up to it. If you don’t, you’ll lose the edge you need in recruiting the best talent. That said, understand that culture constantly evolves and you’ll need to keep tabs on how things are changing within your organization. Input from employees is crucial to understanding how things are changing because these are the people directly impacted by the culture of your workplace. If the environment they’re working in is toxic, then when they leave they will use whatever tools are available to describe their experience with your organization. Suffice to say, it won’t be positive.

But none of that matters if the culture you are trying to put forward is inauthentic. Baiting people in like a military recruiter or an open house at a college is a one-way ticket to soiling your reputation. Big, vague buzzwords as mission statements are nothing compared to personalized statements that actually have something to say. With that in mind, the culture of an organization needs to be a widespread thing and can’t be delegated to individual departments.

Florentine also goes into some different ways to fix the culture of your organization so it can put the best foot forward:

“Let’s assume you have the ‘right’ values (you may, but I doubt it). Start at the top of the organization and go down, management layer by management layer. Those that don’t believe in, won’t abide by, or don’t demonstrate the values have to go — this is essential. This sounds simple, but it is not easy. If your top managers ignore the values, then everyone else will, too,” [Steven] Blue says.

This process doesn’t have to happen in one fell swoop; it’s a multi-year undertaking that must be performed carefully and delicately so that the business doesn’t crash and burn, Blue says.

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