Four Unique Ways Businesses Are Finding Job Candidates

If you are really willing to do anything to find the right people for the job, then you are willing to get a little zany. In an article for Fast Company, Stephanie Vozza shares four ways businesses have attracted the right candidates:

  • Wine-and-cheese parties: If a job candidate gets the green light at interviews, then the final step in the process is having the candidate attend a wine-and-cheese party with current employees. The candidate only gets hired if everyone feels good about the person after the party.
  • Doing away with resumes: Instead of collecting resumes, have all applicants fill out a “Getting to Know You” document. This will educate you on their personal interests and technical knowledge both—in a format that matters to you.
  • Watching outside behavior: This one is especially esoteric, but Zappos sends a shuttle car to pick up job candidates who are not local. If the candidate is rude to the shuttle driver, the candidate will not receive the job regardless of how the interview goes. Bottom line—it is a “be nice” test.
  • Using hiring auditions: Hold a mass audition where job candidates all go through the motions of what would be involved in day-to-day work. You can find more information on that at AITS here.

You can view the original article here:

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