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Four Things You Must Do to Retain Your Tech Talent

It’s no secret that the retention at tech companies is low. According to Payscale, even the industry leaders like Amazon and Google only have employee tenure of about a year. With everyone vying for the same talent, it makes sense as to why employees may not stay long. In her article at InformationWeek, Gianna Scorsone shares some things you can do to help retain your talent:

  1. Invest in your employees.
  2. Develop an employee appreciation strategy.
  3. Create an inclusive, empathetic culture.
  4. Maintain an effective HR department.

Retaining Respectable Talent

Everyone likes to work where they feel important and where their work has meaning. Showing your employees that you are willing to invest in them will help them feel like valued members of the company. Giving them learning opportunities to stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends is a great way to do this. You should also make sure that there are regular employee evaluations to help track their careers and provide opportunities to further themselves.

This desire to be seen as a valued employee extends to the most in-demand group in tech: Millennials. While they’re pegged as needing participation trophies, Millennials are instead a rather adept group that doesn’t fall for an employer that uses scare tactics. Instead, fueling self-worth and setting up appreciation programs are not only a great way to boost morale among Millennials, but your workforce as a whole. This will help boost your workplace culture as a friendly, empathetic environment, as employees are much more likely to stay with a company where they have genuine connections with one another.

Scorsone goes on to describe the importance of having an effective HR department:

Having an effective HR department creates trust between the employee and employer that any issues or assistance needed will be addressed effectively. Having a safe space, with informed professionals, for your tech talent to go to with questions or problems lets your employees know that you take their workplace experience and satisfaction levels seriously.  It also shows that you are committed to providing a place that enables them to do their best work and feel empowered to be themselves while focusing on what matters most: their work.

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