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Essentials for Ensuring Consistency in Complex Programs

It is harder than ever before to ensure consistency among complex programs. Making sure everything works on the same wavelength requires figuring out some important aspects of your project and your business. In a post for the Association for Project Management, Mark Holmes delineates some of these essential points to consistency.

Points to Program Progress

It’s important to acknowledge that the business objectives you have are unique to your own situation and as such should be tailored to your needs. There isn’t an ultimate solution guide that will be the same across the board. That said, your core practices don’t need to be thrown out completely, but rather adapted to what your company needs.

Holmes also says that using previous experience is key to moving forward:

Building on lessons learnt: taking the lessons learnt from our retail clients who are very focused with efficiency savings as a benefit into our property and infrastructure clients brings a unique solution. Many clients can become very focused on the construction aspects of the project at the expense of value for money across their portfolio of works – being mindful of all aspects is vital to project success…

A few more things round out the list of essentials. Managing change is of course one of them. Additionally, your project must have a solid delivery framework that is built around the goals of the project. And lastly, Holmes says that data collected by the program manager should be used to inform better business decisions, once the data has been analyzed and trends have been identified.

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