Careers to Pursue after Being a CIO

No one sticks with one job forever, especially in IT. And despite CIOs being happier than ever, some have decided to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them and moved on to other things. In his article for ZDNet, Mark Samuels gives some examples of the directions you can go in once you make your next career move:

  • Start your own advisory business.
  • Create a portfolio career.
  • Keep an eye out for other C-suite positions.
  • Move into the vendor world.

Taking Career Chances

Starting your own business can be a viable option, and Samuels uses Ian Cohen as an example. Cohen went from being a CIO to a digital advisor:

Lucky CIOs, says Cohen, will love the new things they try. However, the move away from IT leadership can be bad news for firms that lose their CIOs. Cohen says more organisations should give senior staff the chance to experiment while they’re still on the payroll.

“It may not stop someone talented from leaving your firm, but it might,” he says. “And if they do still leave, that should be a positive thing – it’s all about greater talent joining and enriching an already vibrant community. In the end, everyone wins if there’s more talent out there.”

Another way to advance yourself is to create a portfolio career. In other words, you spread your talents over different roles to advance your interests in diverse ways. Just be prepared to work many unconventional hours while doing so.

Alternatively, maybe you want to keep an eye on other C-suite positions. While some switch to advisory roles, staying in the C-suite can be a good career move if it fits with how you prefer to work and grow. You can even move into the vendor world, where you can continue to focus on operational concerns but with a more direct relationship with systems and customers.

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